About Us

Kathmandu Pragya Kunja School (KPKS), a co-educational school is emerging as the finest activity based school in Kathmandu Vally. Located at Sangam Chowk, New Baneshwor, in a peaceful environment it has become the first choice of many of the parents. It offers a rigorous means of preparing for a successful career to students from Pre-Nursery to Grade 8. Here all the academic plans are carefully designed to prepare young children for secondary and post-secondary education through focus on effective communication, the ability to access and evaluate information and critical thinking skills.

KPKS is established by eminent educationists with a mission of establishing the brand as one of the most pioneer schools in Nepal. It is dedicated to nurturing the young minds with intellectual knowledge, practical skills, and technological expertise to its children so that they emerge out as confident young citizens and productive members of the society. The main goal is to prepare our children for the global market with physical, mental, social and emotional confidence.

School upholds the motto of: "Vidhwan sarwatra pujyate" from Sanskrit which literally means "a Vidhwan (scholar) is respected and adored all over the world." It conveys the message that the world is open for the person who is very proficient in any skill, whether in art, literature, games, an exponent of religious matters, music, etc. Such Vidhwan’s fame and respect cross all borders, irrespective of which country they belong to. KPKS takes pride in imparting education that goes beyond the boundaries preparing the students to face the realities of life and take their equitable place in the modern world, keeping the KPKS flag flying high.

As part of its mission to develop global citizens, KPKS incorporates ICT to deliver appropriate components of the curriculum and, in the process, encourage its students to cultivate the technological skills integral to success within current society. All courses meet and exceed the Nepal Government requirements, and are taught by a highly experienced, competent and dedicated faculty. Class sizes are carefully monitored to ensure that each student has access to sufficient attention from their teacher for which the teacher pupil ratio is 1:10. The small school setting enables members of staff to engage with their students and support them as they strive to achieve their full potential.

The Continuous Assessment System (CAS) is the evaluation tool of students here. It doesn't believe in a particualr and specific assessment of child's knowledge. They are evaluated continuously through CAS which reflects their real learning. Teachers and experts from within the country and abroad along with volunteer teachers from different countries regularly visit school to enhance the learning of children. Reading Culture is the strongest practice here at KPKS for which a well- furnished library is established.  

In addition to its traditional curriculum options, KPKS also offers wide varieties of ECA classes like music, dance, wushu, theatre arts, horse riding, art and craft etc. on regular basis. All the students are the part of every activitiy of the school. The senior grades are given access to Karkhana Classes weekly which incorporates STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and ultimately helps in the proper development of brain with the skills of Critical thinking, Communication and Collaboration and also technical learning together. Drawing on the notion that the majority of readers intuitively notice the difference between good and bad writing, KPKS defines principles of clear writing, which students are then taught to apply to their own work for which handwriting classes are continuous throughout the year.