Principal's Message

It gives me a great pleasure to be with all of you through this message. The school now carries a glorious legacy of over a decade. Let me extend my sincere gratitude to all who entrusted us and help us grow stronger through these years. We understand and live on the fact that early years' experiences are critical and sensitive to shape the personality and future of each child.
  We have a comprehensive mission - to nurture all individual students in an environment filled with compassion, care and creativity, thereby helping them to explore their true potential and grow as a rational and responsible human being for the entire humanity. Our developmentally appropriate and activity - based curriculum are costumed in a way to meet this goal.  We value integrity and inculcation of moral traits besides academic excellence.
    KPKS is built by the synergetic efforts of the trio - the staff, parents and students. The energetic, hardworking and creative members and the students work together as a team; constantly sharing and learning. Our parents share a high degree of ownership in the school and collaborate with us. Our parents are not only school's goodwill ambassadors, but are also our best critics and a driving force for regular improvement and quality control.
  The bonding between the teachers and students at KPKS is exemplary. They spend a great deal of time getting to know each child better to meet their physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs. We are committed to provide education based on high expectation for all children, who are enthusiastic and love to learn. Each individual here is committed to work harder and smarter each day. Everyone works together in the best interest of the children/ school and this spirit can be seen throughout the school, round the year. The homely and positive environment here is able to bring smile on our face. 
    I hope you will feel this school spirit at KPKS all the time. I look forward to getting connected with you as our valued member.