Aarambha Shrestha

Grade: 2 'B'

War & Peace

When different countries or groups of people use weapons to fight each other, such fight is called war. War is never a good solution to any problem. We should always try to find peaceful ways to solve it. Wars are not good because they make people sad and hurt. War makes life difficult for children like us because we cannot goto school, play or feel safe.

There are clifferent places in the world where wars are taking place. Many children, women, elderly people have been killed in the war. Recently, 10 Nepali students were killed in Israel and a student is still missing. Children like us become innocent victims in times of war. They cannot get proper food, clean water and health care.

There should be no war and violence in the world. People should solve problems peacefully. This world should be a peaceful heaven for children and people.